I’m an incurable romantic, so it’s fitting I write romance fiction. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, although it’s been argued I’ve yet to grow up. :-) At the age of 13, I wrote my first mystery, inspired by Trixie Belden stories (and suspiciously similar), in #2 pencil. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write.

Although life sidetracked my writing ambitions, I eventually returned to fiction writing and won the 2003 EPIC award for best contemporary romance (Last Resort).  My writing has hit many subgenres, everything from cozy mysteries to romantic suspense, time-travel to inspirational. The common denominator is romance. There is always a romance going on in my stories. ♥

I combined my passions for writing and for healthful cooking by publishing four cookbooks.  My favorite activities— walking/hiking, sewing, cooking, reading, classic cars, and motor home travel—figure prominently in my fiction.  I collect teapots, aprons, and friends. :D

A survivor of breast cancer, I advocate early detection, so do those monthly BSEs! I participate in Relay for Life and other events to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. 

I was born blond-haired, stayed a natural blonde till middle age, and thanks to my hair stylist, I still am a blonde (to varying degrees). I was born skinny, too, but that didn’t last. :-(

I love to listen to music. I enjoy at least some of all genres, although the car radio is usually on the oldies station (60s and 70s). I drive a Ford Mustang, my favorite car (this is my fourth), that my husband bought me to celebrate the completion of my radiation and chemotherapy. When it comes to cars, I’m still a bit of a tomboy.

I’m a fan of Nascar (although watching the races on TV usually leads to a nap), silly comedies, and crime shows like Rizzoli & Iles (love Tess Gerritsen’s stories), NCIS, Criminal Minds, Justified, Castle, The Glades, and Longmire. (Attention A&E: Shame on you for canceling The Glades.) My most watched TV program is Jeopardy! I own a set of Abbott and Costello movies, too. More than watching any show or movie, though, I love to read. I can’t begin to list my favorite books. Too many!

My favorite mode of travel is the road trip, especially with an RV. Having visited all fifty states, plus parts of Canada and Mexico, my husband and I have settled in northeastern Florida (quite near my fictional Drake Springs) with one very spoiled poodle. Our modest home is surrounded by pines, oaks, and magnolias. We’re visited by deer, raccoon, rabbits, and hawks (and some snakes!).  Despite the occasional reptile, it’s a perfect writers retreat.

 Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy my stories and recipes. :D