Welcome to my world, where I’m cooking up stories at my computer or recipes in my kitchen. 

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Cardinals, the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat, KFC, and Papa John’s Pizza. It’s also the unofficial birthplace of the cheeseburger, rolled oysters, the Hot Brown, and Derby Pie®. Mohammed Ali, Diane Sawyer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Tom Cruise lived there. Wilson Pickett, Zachary Taylor, Colonel Harland Sanders, and now Mohammed Ali are buried there. Kathy Bates began at Actor’s Theatre in Louisville. Louisville is home to the famous and oldest continuous sporting event in the country, the Kentucky Derby.

I always dreamed of writing books. At the age of 13, I wrote my first mystery, inspired by Trixie Belden stories, in #2 pencil. My heroine’s name was Roxy Randall. I’ve yet to finish that series but often think about her. Could a young adult mystery series be in my future?

Although a corporate career in telecommunications sidetracked my writing ambitions, I eventually returned to fiction writing and won the 2003 EPIC award for best contemporary romance (Last Resort). I have a reputation as an author of light romantic suspense stories that keep you on the edge without too much edge.

I credit a gourmet cooking forum (sponsored by Sears) I attended when I was twenty for triggering my love of cooking. Although I earned a certificate of completion, I had much to learn before I truly became comfortable in the kitchen. PBS cooking shows helped, too. I combined my passion for writing and healthful cooking by publishing cookbooks. You’ll see mention of my favorite activities— walking, sewing, cooking, reading, classic cars, and motor home travel—in my stories.

To look at me today, you’d be surprised to learn I’m a former long distance runner who completed 8 marathons. My last 26.2 mile effort raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of my dad, who died of leukemia.  Alas, I no longer run, but I enjoy my daily walks.

After surviving breast cancer, I now participate in events to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. I’m also active in a local survivor’s group.

My husband and I have visited all fifty states, plus parts of Canada and Mexico. We’ve settled in northeastern Florida (quite near my fictional Drake Springs). Our modest home is surrounded by pines, oaks, and magnolias, and we’re often visited by deer, owls, raccoon, rabbits, and hawks. It’s a perfect writer’s retreat.

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